Doodhpokhari Chepe Hydropower Project (8.836 MW)

Doodhpokhari Chepe Hydropower project (DPCHP) is a 8.836 MW Run of River (RoR) type of project located at Ajirkot Rural Municipality and Doodhpokhari Rural Municipality of Gorkha and Lamjung district, Gandaki province 4.

The project is about 182 km (aerial) north west of Kathmandu and is situated within Latitude 28°15’02” N to 28°16’52” N and Longitude 84°38’30” E to 84°40’25” E. The project utilizes a design discharge of 1.26m3/s from chepe khola and the elevation difference between the proposed intake at chepe khola and powerhouse for power generation.

The proposed headworks is located at Ajirkot Rural Municipality ,ward no 2, kalo patal phedi (about 3 hr of walk from olang village)  and powerhouse area is also  located  at Ajirkot Rural Municipality, Taal bagar ( about 1.5 hr of walk from olang village).  The distance from Taal bagar ( powerhouse ) to Kalo patal phedi( Intake) which is 5km.

The project consists Intake, Bed sluice chamber, Gravel trap, Approach conduit, Desander, Headrace Pipe, Surge tank, Penstock pipe, powerhouse and a tailrace canal.

Salient feature

1.  Project Location  
Province No.:4 (Four)
Development Region:Western Development Region
Intake Site:Ajirkot Rural Municipality
Powerhouse Site:Ajirkot Rural Municipality
Geographical Co-ordinates  
Latitude:28°15’02” N – 28°16’52” N
Longitude:84°38’30” E – 84°40’25” E
2.  General  
Name of River:Chepe Khola
Nearest Town:Siraan Danda
Type of Scheme:Run-of- the-River
Gross Head:882.30 m
Net rated Head:846.08 m (minimum)
Installed Capacity:8.836 MW
Average Annual Energy after Outage:56.19 GWh
3.  Hydrology  
Catchment Area:27.64 km2
Mean Annual Discharge:2.67 m3/s
Design Discharge (at 45 % of Exceed.):1.26 m3/s
Riparian Release:0.055 m3/s
Design Flood Discharge:88.66 m3/s
Average Annual Precipitation:2776 mm
4.  Diversion Weir  
Type of Weir:Free Flow weir
Length of Weir:11 m
Crest Elevation:2762.30 m
5.  Intake Structure  
Type of Intake:Orifice type side intake
No. of Openings:2
Size of Intake (W x H):1.5 m x 1.54 m (each)
Intake Sill Level (Invert Level):2761.3 m
6.  Bed Sluice Chamber  
Length of Bed Sluice Chamber:3.22 m
Width of Bed Sluice Chamber (Avg.):3.98 m
Overall depth:3.74 m (with free board)
Particle size to be trapped:300 mm or less
Flushing Channel:0.6m x 0.6 m (B x H)
7.  Gravel Trap  
Length of Gravel Trap:8.0 m
Width of Gravel Trap (Avg.):2.6 m
Overall depth:4.65 m (with free board)
Particle size to be trapped:> 5 mm
Flushing Channel:0.5m x 0.5 m (B x H)
8.  Approach Conduit  
No. of Pipes:1
Length:221 m
Pipe Diameter:1.0 m
No. of Anchor Blocks:6
No. of Saddle Supports:30
9.  Desanding Basin  
Type:Dufour Type
No. of Chambers:2 (Two)
Dimension (L x B x H):36 m x 3 m x 5.5 m (each)
Inlet Transition Length:9.5 m
Particle Size to be settled:0.2 mm
Trapping Efficiency:95 %
10. Headrace Pipe  
Type:Headrace pipe (Surface / Buried)
Internal Diameter:1.0 m
Length:1755 m
Steel Thickness/Type of Lining:6 mm
No. of Anchor Blocks:42
No. of Saddle Supports:220
11. Surge Pipe  
Type:Surge Pipe
Effective Depth:32 m
Diameter (Or size):1.5 m
Up Surge Level:2777.05 m
Down Surge Level:2747.05 m
Normal Operation Level:2757.50 m
Steel Penstock Pipe  
12. Type:Penstock pipe (Buried)
Material (Steel):IS 2062: E 300 (Fe 440) or Equivalent
Internal Diameter:0.5 m to 1.0 m
Length:3119 m (Actual Length)
Steel Thickness:7 to 36 mm
No. of Anchor Blocks:65
No. of Saddle Supports:390
13. Powerhouse  
Type:Surface Powerhouse
Size (L x W):37 m x 17.22 m
Height:16.5 m
Turbine Axis Level:1880 m
14. Tailrace  
Type:Rectangular Canal
Tailrace Length:47 m (approximate)
Size (W x D):1.5 m x 1.5 m
Tailrace Water Level:1876.6 m
15. Turbine  
Type:Pelton, horizontal axis
Rated Output Capacity per unit:4.7 MW
Turbine Axis Level:1880 m
Gross Head  
Net Head:846.08 m (minimum)
Discharge per Unit:0.63 m3/s
Efficiency:89 %
16. Governor  
Type:Solid state, PID control
Adjustment for Speed Drop:Between 0 to 10%
17. Generator  
Type:Salient pole, Synchronous
Rated Output Capacity per Unit:5.3 MVA
Power Factor:0.85
Voltage:11 kV
Frequency:50 Hz
No of Units:2
Excitation System:Brushless Type
Efficiency:96 %
18. Transformer  
Type:Outdoor, Oil immersed, Three phase
Rated Capacity:11 MVA
Voltage Ratio:11/33 kV
No of Units:1
Vector Group:YNd11
19. Transmission Line  
Voltage Level:33 kV, Double circuit
Length:28 km (approximate)
Conductor Type:Dog
To:33 kV Hub Kirtipur Sub-station, Lamjung
20. Construction Period:2.5 years
21. Power and Energy  
Installed Capacity:8.8 MW
Estimated Annual Sellable Energy:56.19 GWh
Dry:19.28 GWh
Wet:36.91 GWh

Project Progress and present Status

  • •  Survey license obtained.
  • •  Feasibility study report obtained.
  • •  Connection agreement signed with NEA.
  • •  PPA signed with NEA.
  • •  IEE approved.
  • •  ERT study completed.
  • •  Generation license obtained on 2077/10/09.
  • •  Financial closure on the process.
  • •  Road excavation Ongoing towards Intake by Civil Contractor.
  • • Camp House Construction Completed.
  • • Construction Power Completed in Camp facilities.
  • • DPR for Civil works Completed.
  • • Internet service access insite Completed .
  • • Transmission line contract agreement done for Telescopic poles purchase.

Strength of the Project

  • • High head and small size project.
  • • Good catchment area.
  • • Connection agreement signed to nearby substation.
  • • Minimum length of access road to be constructed.
  • • Minimum social – environmental impacts.
  • • Good social support to the project.
  • • Stable land structure for penstock pipe alignment.
  • • Hydrology is reliable which is justified with various hydrological data.
  • • Dedicated transmission line in Double circuit 132 KV transmission line to Kritipur substation , Lamjung.


  • • Kalanki  to Abukhaireni – 113 km, Prithivi Highway
  • • Abukhaireni to Chhepetar -12 km
  • • Chhepetar to Luintel Bhanjyang- 15 km
  • • Luintel Bhanjyang to Bhhachek – 30 km
  • • Bhhachek to Siran Danda -3 km
  • • Siran Danda to Olang – 9 km,


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